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We have World Class Training & Skill Center for Corporate Communication, Customer Service, Life Skills, Computer Skills and place only upon completion of on the job training so as our clients can take privilege of skilled manpower and they do have to invest on grooming, induction, training of the hired manpower.

Our Manpower Cycle

Success depends upon the people we have with us, who will help us grow, perform and succeed and RITS'is here to do this for you.
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Skilling & Training

Language Solution

Empowering Relations by Enabling Communication


Translation is a combination of art & science to create a document from one language to other to communicate its message without changing its meaning.

Break language barriers with our translation solutions that is offered under the guidance of native translators having years of experience in the respective domain. Today translation is an indispensable part of business. Hence, if you want to expand your business horizons globally then you cannot neglect the translation.


Transcription is one of the business services of converting electronically recorded medical, legal or business speeches into text

To conduct smooth and clear communication between two parties with accurate understanding of information contained in files are vital in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding and disputes between them. By presenting text versions of the audio and video content in a professional presentable format, companies can enjoy the higher level of clients trust and retain future long-term business as a result.